Eye Care Services in Dacula, GA

Our practice is unique in that we offer a variety of specialty services to serve the needs of the entire family.

We offer a large selection of high end designer frames, eye glasses and sunglasses. We also offer a wide variety of contact lenses that are guaranteed to suit your individual needs. At our office, we will help you select the style, shape, and color of eye glasses or sun glasses that are right for your eyes.

At Victory Eye Care each of our patients will be offered a wide variety of eye glasses so that everyone will be able to find eyewear that is perfectly suited for their individual needs and tastes. We offer hundreds of styles so you can be sure that we will have something to suit you perfectly.

Our Services

Services We Offer

  • Comprehensive eye care and vision evaluation

  • Diagnosis and management of ocular diseases like dry eye, conjunctivitis and red eye

  • Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) – A new vision procedure to improve Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia

  • Low vision

  • Pediatric (Children’s) vision assessment with Vision Therapy

  • Computer vision syndrome

  • Contact Lens Services

  • Digital Retinal Eye Exam

  • Fashion Frames and Glasses

Want to learn more about our optometry services? Call (770) 237-8150 to schedule a consultation today.

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